Moon smile...

I asked him..."do you miss me?"

He said " yes...of course i do"
And I ask again..."how much?"
He would always said "as much as u did dear..."

I was silly...
and he was lying...

Then, he finally admit...
He sometimes didn't miss me...
back then...
Those words are just an escape...
The easier way, a safer place...

My reality was different then...
It was filled with flying fairies and perfect pony...

He smiles...
and I chuckled a little bit...

"It's ok not to miss me..."

Now i look at the star...
Then smile at the moon...


weekend project I

Its been so long i haven't really do any kind of craft work (and yes..updating in here as well.. ), this idea has been in the back of my head quite sometime. Now it is about time this idea is manifested. Just a simple weekend project, the ladies might understand why I need this...for all our earrings, bracelet, necklace and wutever accessories we might hoards over the years...

The stuff I manage to find.

I just moved to a new place so it was it take me quite some time to find the right material with a cheap price. This is what I manage to find and we'll see how it turn out to be! The black mat with holes is a cheap placemat -1euro, I found in Euroland and some used boxes are cut out to make the structure. Others are the string -49cent (it's really hard to get things when it is almost 6pm here, so this is the best option i have..).

The black placemat are cut according to the measurement, then I start to tie the string around to attach the structure with the placemat.

So this is how it look like from the front.This might take some time and you can actually be creative with this. Tie it differently or just used a tape for a faster result. I guess with this string, it gave kinda like a traditional, home-made effect, so a black string, colored ribbon, even wires can be used to get a different style.

This is the main part of the 'Capseri' (the name of this modular accessories organizer concept). You can make a different size and shape based on the your room and the amount of accessories that you have. After this is done, my stomach start to work out as well drumming and grumbling...aihhh.... Cooking time *I do miss those ordering time for food.......today's menu is Grilled Salmon..
*I always am lazy to cook, so end up with simple stuff most of d time.

After dinner is done, the works continues...I created a some hanging holes for the bracelet holder, as well as the necklace. The parts that holds the bracelet, is also used to put the small earrings. So this is the final result. All this part can be customized accordingly so I really dings this idea. You can used a different color cloth, felt or other means of material to add to your own 'Capseri'. Maybe even hang small dolls, or pictures as decorations.

Simple, easy and really look like a handcrafted material. I guess with a better material, more sophisticated style can be achieved but this is practical enough for now. Fast to make, cheap, recycle material and yeah..serve it main purpose. New un-sharpened pencil are used as the bracelet holder, chopstick, pipe or even those metal tubes can be used, as long as it can be hang in between the holes.

This is the final result..with all my accessories available for now.

It really fun to do this craft things again, I have almost forgotten how good it feels to make something like this. A simple daily things...

Why this is called "Capseri"..it have something to do with a carpet of accessories... :)



The verge...

Those eyes,
almost swelled,
with whatever inside...

Hold it back,
it just ain't the time,
of renounce...

Hard to hide,
what the heart wants,
though the mind try to abide...

The yearns, the want,
halted in between,
the reality that bites...

Hold on...put up a fight,
don't you dare give up,
until the end comes...

"in between dreams of reality"


Pieces of 2009

: l i s t l e s s

"and weary from these"

FEBRUARY : c u r i o u s i t y

"finding something beyond me"

MARCH : r u n a w a y

"escape from the tanglement of reality...a total bliss"

APRIL : c r o s s r o a d s

"either way...still unable to escape the shit"

MAY : h e a r t a c h e c h e

"such an ordeal...to just embrace thee"

JUNE : h e c t i c

"as if everything is falling"

JULY : c o m p o s ed

"start to be conscious over the value of every ride"

AUGUST : p a r a d i s e

"finally, found a nest called home"

SEPTEMBER : t r a n s i t i o n

"even, i don't know any better"

OCTOBER : b e g i n n i n g

"but...my hand is very clean...still "

NOVEMBER : d e v o t i o n s

"friendship that never cease to surprise me"

DECEMBER : p e r p l e x i r o n i c s t r a n g e

"that this continue to be true since 1984 "(-_-;)