Is this true?

"but its damn addictive and felt like im doing something ;P"


Chill...the chill...

For the past two weeks or isit three. Don't care I'm not counting...Life have been pretty hectic with normal never ending work, some freelance things, organizing a dinner for our alumni back in uni, going back hometown..work again...rushing here and there to make sure I'm on time (which most of the time i'm not) and things run (not smoothly but at least they are running) and obviously when it is well planned the probability of it to go of off track pretty damn high...I can say it almost a sure thing.

This is when i realize that I don't perform well in stressful situation a.k.a the decision make during this time sucks and wrong in the most oblivious way.. T_T

What i do? Ya I try to suck it all and only hope for the best..and mend it as much as i could..Those were the time where if accumulated to much can cause an early heart attack to a human being which is not good (kinda need to learn to overcome it somehow, if you got tips do share with me... :). But then the best thing about being hectic is when all is done, we can sit and have a slow solitary time..Which is great and blissful, which is now...

"chilling in my own nest which is still a dream"